Intel Corporation seeking PhD candidates & recent PhD graduates

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Nathaniel S. Hansen


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You must possess a minimum of a Ph.D. degree majoring in Physics, Material Science, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Chemistry.



University of Arizona College of Engineering

The Portland Technology Development group’s Thin Films division of Intel Corporation has several openings for physical science Ph.D.s to support/direct R&D of advanced processing methods. Candidates hired for these positions will be responsible for developing the next generation of Intel’s microprocessors.

Ph.D. candidates in Materials Science, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Physics, Electrical Engineering or related fields are encouraged to apply. Criteria for selection include: a strong academic record, demonstrated experimental and data analysis expertise, superior critical thinking skills, an ability to drive and take responsibility for projects and a solid peer-reviewed publication record. Experience using and maintaining scientific equipment is preferred. Semiconductor processing experience is not mandatory.

Openings are immediately available at Intel’s primary development facility (Ronler Acres) located ~10 miles west of Portland, OR. Please see a more detailed job description included below.

Interested candidates should email resumes to with “Intel Corporation Hiring” included in the subject line.

Nathaniel S. Hansen, PhD
Senior BE Planar Engineer